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Sustaining change – Trevor’s story

Sustaining change – Trevor’s story

Our Health Coaches were able to support Trevor on his journey to reduce his risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. By attending our group sessions, Trevor learned what changes he needed to make to his diet and lifestyle, and how to sustain them for the future. Hear in his own words how he took on the challenge and reduced his health risk:

“Before joining the programme, I was quite active, but my diet was unhealthy. I had been informed previously that my blood sugar count was high but on this occasion my GP informed me that I am now pre-diabetic and referred me to Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.”

During the first session, participants will meet their Health and Wellbeing Coach and their group, who will remain with them throughout the programme. Fun and interactive support and advice sessions will help them to start their journey with us.

“Since joining, I have increased my activity, I now walk at least five miles a day, and I keep a close eye on what I eat. I’ve reduced my portion sizes especially with potatoes and bread, and my sugar intake has reduced by at least eight teaspoons per day. I’ve been eating more fruit and vegetables than ever before.”

From making and sustaining the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyles, participants should already be starting to feel healthier. They will find out how to make their new lifestyle changes become part of their everyday life - now and in the future.

“I feel fitter than I have felt for a long time! I no longer need to stop for a breath when walking uphill, and I have lost well over three stone in weight. I did, at first, struggle with the change of diet, but now am enjoying my food as much as ever.”

We finish by preparing people to continue their healthy, active lifestyle once they have completed the programme. They will return to their GP to have another blood test and look for an improvement in their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

“The biggest impact in my life is that I am no longer at risk of Type 2 diabetes. This, I know, can only continue if I continue with the lifestyle changes that I have already made.”