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Small changes, big results – Laurence’s story

Small changes, big results – Laurence’s story

Laurence was referred to the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme by his GP following an unrelated appointment. A routine blood test revealed that his blood levels were pre-diabetic state.

“My blood sugar levels were 47 on the scale, nudging being diabetic”, said Laurence.

“I was offered a place on the pre diabetic programme, and within 10 months I lost a stone and a half in weight, and my blood sugar levels came down to 36, which is well below being diabetic.”

Our trained Health Coaches deliver 40 weeks of NHS approved support and guidance in a group setting, which brings people together who are all actively making a change to their diet and lifestyles.

“I have nothing but praise for the Healthier You course content, and their Health Coaches Rebecca and Richard: they provided us with easy-to-follow booklets, which I still refer to today.”

Our Healthier You sessions focus on the understanding of food groups and macronutrients, giving participants the knowledge to make the changes needed in their diets. Health Coaches provide guidance around calorie content and portion control, which gives an insight into meal planning and food shopping.

Participants will start to feel healthier from implementing the changes learned from the sessions and will find out how to make their new lifestyle changes become part of their everyday life.

Laurence shared: “Since joining Healthier You, I have learnt how to understand food labels, enabling me to make better choices when food shopping. I now drink less alcohol and try to stay active every day, as I've always walked for exercise but now do it more often.”