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Realistic results – Elaine's story

Elaine’s GP introduced her to Healthier You when her blood sugar levels were at a pre-diabetic level. Since joining Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, Elaine has not only managed to escape the risk zone for diabetes, but she has learnt a lot about the foods she previously ate and has tried and tested new meals, to create the changes that she needed to make to her diet and lifestyle.

Elaine shared with us that since she had retired, she had not given any thought to her diet, and it wasn’t until she was made aware of her blood sugar levels at a doctor’s appointment that she decided to act on this. Elaine told us:

“The best information I’ve had at Healthier You was about proteins, fats, salt, and sugars, which now I tend to look at when I’m buying things. I have reduced my weight and I now take more notice of what I should eat.”

After losing over one stone, Elaine told us how she feels more comfortable in herself and in her clothes too. Not only did Elaine reduce her weight, but she was able to reduce her blood sugar levels from 42, to below the borderline, so that she was no longer at risk of developing diabetes.