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Portion control – John’s story

Portion control – John’s story

The Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is a series of in-person sessions run by trained Health Coaches. This includes increasing participants’ understanding of things like portion control, nutrition – including different types of sugars and fats and their impact – and exercise.

Our Health Coaches’ main goal is to help those using the service make long-term sustainable change to their lifestyles and significantly reduce their chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Here, John tells us about his weight loss journey and the positive changes he has made to his lifestyle since joining Healthier You:

“Before joining the programme, I was overweight, and I ate large portions of food. I was brought up not to waste food, so, always cleared the plate. I have a busy, physical job so I am always on the go and topped up with lots of sweet coffee.

“Since starting [the Healthier You service], I now have smaller meal portions and I eat more fruit. I’ve completely cut out white bread and have reduced my sugar intake by about 90%, as well going to the gym. I am now enjoying running, I am currently doing 5km, three to four times a week.

“Since I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I've lost nearly 2.5 stone and have significantly reduced my HbA1C reading. I'm now out of the pre diabetic status, and I have more energy and confidence in myself, which has helped me a lot.

“If it wasn’t for my Health Coach, I wouldn't have known what to do or what to look for when buying food. Healthier You has given me the chance to meet some really nice, likeminded people in similar situations.”