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My transformed lifestyle – Karen’s story

My transformed lifestyle – Karen’s story

Karen joined our Healthier You service at her local community venue, for help to significantly reduce her chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Those joining our service are offered 40 weeks of support from trained coaches to help them make simple but sustainable lifestyle changes.

“Prior to joining the sessions, I had tried all kinds of different diets”, said Karen. “I walked every day with my dog, and what I thought was healthy eating was certainly not. I had a terrible sweet tooth and chose sweets over savoury, with fizzy drinks too.”

Each Healthier You session has a theme designed to support participants to make meaningful change. From understanding the influence of different types of sugars on weight control & diabetes prevention, to exploring the benefits of regular eating to regulate appetite, participants are encouraged to take control of their health.

Karen continued: “Since attending the programme, I’ve reduced my portion sizes, eating regularly but snacking only small bits in between. I now make sure I eat a good breakfast, and his has helped with concentration and my metabolism too.

“I used to think that skipping meals would help me to lose weight quicker, I was so wrong! And that is probably why I was so hungry later in the day, to the point I would ‘pig out’ and end up eating more as a result.

“My Health Coach has taught me a lot, and that regular eating is crucial in preventing spikes and dips in energy levels, and is fundamental in maintaining a balanced diet, reducing [the chances of developing] diabetes and losing weight. I treat myself just twice a month, but make sure that I am back on track at the start of the week – ‘the quicker the fire is put out, the less damage it will do.’”

In addition to diet and nutritional advice, Healthier You runs sessions dedicated to increasing physical activity levels and helping participants to understand the concept of energy balance.

“This programme has totally transformed me physically and mentally and I have lost two stone. I have joined a gym and really enjoy going three to four times a week, it makes me feel amazing when I’ve done my workout or have been for a power walk. My energy has increased massively.

“I’m really going to miss this programme, as I’ve enjoyed every session and always looked forward to going. My Health Coach, Michelle, is absolutely fantastic and has played a massive part in my healthy lifestyle journey. I have been supported in transforming my eating habits to live a healthier and longer life. I would highly recommend Healthier You - NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme to anyone who is at risk of diabetes.”

Every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and there are currently 200,000 new diagnoses every year. If trends persist, one in 10 will develop Type 2 diabetes.