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My biggest achievement is losing 10kg in nine months – Peter’s story

My biggest achievement is losing 10kg in nine months – Peter’s story

Peter joined the Healthier You - NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and significantly reduced his risks by increasing his exercise and improving his diet. Hear in his own words how he did this and how he enjoyed days out with his wife, whilst improving his lifestyle.

“Prior to joining, my exercise and diet in general was poor, I knew that I just needed something to motivate me. Hearing that I was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes was a shock but having the opportunity to join ‘Healthier You’ sessions was the kick I needed”, said Peter.

Peter considered himself to be very active throughout his life, but due to travelling for work and working away from home, he struggled to keep a balanced diet and maintain regular exercise.

“Attending the course was a brilliant wakeup call. Our Health Coach, Dan was fantastic, he had time for everyone there, and the information clear and not too difficult to understand.”

Our Health Coaches are on hand to support on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment, where they teach the principles of healthy eating, portion control, and understanding the concept of energy balance.

Since joining, Peter has started walking more than he did previously, and has now inspired his wife to join him on bike rides too. “Although the bikes are electric, they do take effort and allow us to travel further”, said Peter. “As the winter draws in, I have taken up swimming to avoid walking in the cold and dark weather.”

During our sessions, participants receive guidance on meal preparation, shopping and eating out. Not only do they learn about diet and nutrition but also how to tackle challenging thought patterns and stress management, to ensure a healthy relationship with food and drink.

Peter said: “I have used smaller plates to help me control my reduction in portion sizes and have also cut out the nibbling in between meals too. I’ve lost weight, I feel a lot better in myself, and my blood levels have reduced from 42 to 39!

“It’s a worthwhile programme that is presented well, has taught me a lot, and given me the knowledge to reverse some of my bad habits. My biggest achievement is losing 10kg in nine months, and my next step is to continue improving my health and fitness, and to lose a bit more weight.”