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Looking at the labels – Julie’s story

Looking at the labels – Julie’s story

Julie tells us about what she learnt during her time on the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, and how the service provided her with the tools and knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle and diet.

“Prior to joining Healthier You, I had limited exercise through the week as I worked from home. I considered my diet a healthy one, with occasional evening walks, however, I did enjoy a few sugary snacks too.

“I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and my GP was aware of the link between this condition and diabetes. My blood tests revealed that I was in the pre-diabetic range, which shocked me significantly.

“Since joining the programme, I have retired from work and have more time, therefore I am not tied to my desk and a sedentary lifestyle. I have increased my weekly exercise and go swimming twice a week along with a weekly aquafit class. I now walk daily and increase my steps where possible.

“I have learnt a lot about food and ingredients and what to look for on the labels to break down the contents. Following the sessions, I have cut down on portion sizes and learned to watch what I eat and drink, which has helped me to feel fitter and I has resulted in a weight loss of 1.5 stone!

“I have recently had a blood test and my HbA1C has decreased from 44 to 40, meaning I’m just out of the pre-diabetic range.

“I feel I have been educated about diabetes and all of the effects it can have on your body, along with the information and awareness on the course to change my lifestyle and to ultimately achieve my goal.”

We wish Julie a happy retirement and all the best for her new lifestyle journey.