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Feeling better about myself – Anne’s story

Feeling better about myself – Anne’s story

Anne was referred to Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme by her GP after a blood test revealed she was pre-diabetic. Hear from Anne about how the service provided her with the tools to change her lifestyle and minimise her risk of developing type 2 diabetes:

“I have always exercised, but I probably didn't have the best diet, having a very sweet tooth and eating bigger portions than necessary. I was marginally overweight.

“Since starting ‘Healthier You’, I now have more idea of a balanced plate and try to stick to this. I have reduced my sugar intake and I’m much more aware of the calorific content in my diet.

“I have lost over a stone in weight, and my HbA1C has reduced by 1 so I am now out of the pre diabetic zone.

“I am happy that I have lost weight and feel better about myself and am very pleased that I am no longer pre diabetic. I have a much better understanding of a healthy lifestyle and intend to continue this when the course ends.”

We wish Anne all the best on her new healthier lifestyle journey.