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Changes for the better – Simon’s story

After discovering his blood levels were pre-diabetic, Simon was referred to our Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme through his GP.

Simon had initially visited his GP as he constantly felt fatigued and had very little energy. He was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

This impacted Simon’s ability to exercise and remain physically active. Simon told us: “My previously poor diet was high in fats, sugar, and salts. I had historic ‘famine and feast’ eating habits and then I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in November 2020.”

As part of Simon’s diagnosis, it was identified that his blood sugar levels were at a pre-diabetic level of 49, which meant that Simon had to make some positive changes to his diet and lifestyle.

Since joining Healthier You, Simon has lost a total of 20kg and remains on track to lose another 10kg to achieve his target BMI.

Simon shared: “Following my chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis, I ceased all forms of exercise and had a very poor diet. Healthier You spurred me into informed action, and they made me feel 100% better. They have helped me to achieve and maintain a step change, leading to a much healthier lifestyle.

“My energy levels have now improved from 2/10 to 8/10; Healthier You has given me the knowledge and inspiration to change! Thank you.”