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Achieving a healthier weight – Barbara’s story

Achieving a healthier weight – Barbara’s story

Barbara was invited by her GP to join the Healthier You service for support her with weight loss and overall lifestyle.

We caught up with Barbara after a few months of receiving support from Healthier You, and she shared with us:

“I have changed my lifestyle by being more focused on a healthier diet and being more active. This opportunity came along at the right time for me, just after lockdown!

“I have lost 26% of my body weight and reached my target weight of 9st 7lb, which I believe is about right for my height and age. As I am waiting for a hip replacement, I know that my activity levels are not as they should be, however, I did undertake a good exercise regime before lockdown but now my level of mobility is very limited. I swim regularly, and I attend aqua classes and Pilates to keep up my muscle strength and fitness as much as possible.

“Healthier You has helped me understand the detrimental effects of diabetes and how simple changes can make a big difference. The contents of the sessions have been beneficial and valuable, and the presentation of the programme was friendly, enjoyable and motivating. Thank you to the team for their support!”