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Out of the pre-diabetic zone – Maureen’s story

Out of the pre-diabetic zone – Maureen’s story

Hear in her own words how Maureen made the relevant changes she needed to improve her health following a routine check-up with her GP.

“I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, two markers away from T2. I knew I needed to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. I have the full support of my husband, who attended the meetings with me.

“During the sessions we discussed everything and started to make the necessary changes to our shopping and diet. With a change of diet and starting a fitness routine, I’ve changed the way I look at life.

“Since joining ‘Healthier You’, I’ve lost a good amount of weight and I feel much better in myself. My head is in the right place to continue my lifestyle changes, and I will keep on working to be a new healthier me.

Maureen has since revisited her GP who has confirmed that the changes she has made to her lifestyle since joining NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has significantly reduced her risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

“I am now out of the pre-diabetic zone, and the rest of my health is looking good too. Thank you for the very interesting sessions, I wish I could continue with these. All the best, Maureen.”