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“It has made me happier!” – David’s story

“It has made me happier!” – David’s story

David was referred to NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme after a shock diagnosis that he was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. As he kept himself active and wasn’t overweight, David told us how he “didn’t pay great attention to it” when discussing his blood sugar levels with his GP.

“I was aware that my blood sugar levels were higher than average prior to my annual check”, said Peter, “but as I'm very active and not overweight, I didn’t pay great attention to it, and I believed my diet was reasonable. So, it was a bit of a wakeup call when my GP told me I was at risk of developing diabetes and recommended the Healthier You programme.

During the first session, David met with his Health and Wellbeing Coach and other participants in the group, who remained throughout the programme. The first few sessions help participants to understand the diagnosis, and the principles of healthy eating, whilst being supported with increasing physical activity levels.

“Since joining, I have cut out cake, biscuits and treats, and my wife has joined me on this journey! I’ve bought us a salad spinner which is the best thing ever and we often now have a little bowl of salad in advance of our evening meal. I use apple cider vinegar as a dressing and really enjoy it. Potatoes are a rare treat; brown rice is the norm, and we’re able to now monitor our portion control too. We make a point of buying and using varied vegetables, and we tend to avoid low fat foods and have gone back to full fat milk and butter!

Further into the programme, participants can expect to start seeing positive results and feeling healthier. Our Health Coaches provide the tools and knowledge in how to sustain the lifestyle changes they’ve made and how to continue moving forward.

As a result of the Healthier You sessions, David shares his results: “I have lost about 2kg and as I am thin anyway people do comment but I feel good on it, as my energy levels are good, better than before. I like to walk and cycle anyway but we now have a routine of a brisk walk after our dinner.

“My blood sugar levels have reduced enough to take me out of the pre-diabetic range. This for me is a great result. It's interesting too that my cholesterol readings were down also. It has made me happier! It's quite good to be able to draw up a bit of a lifestyle plan and what I have learned in the class has given me the means to do so.

“I’ve enjoyed the sessions and the interaction with my classmates. Above all when others try to weaken my resolve, 'a piece of cake won't harm you', 'another drink won't make a difference' then I can draw on what I have learned and take strength from it!”